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A successful residential install not only requires panel performance but places a high level of importance on aesthetics. Mira Bella understands this and therefore has partnered with the best in the business in both categories, offering SunPower PV Systems. SunPower has an incredible reputation and is the leader in the solar industry. They have the most experience, the best performance, the highest return on your investment, and gives our customers peace of mind with their industry-leading 25 year power production warranty.

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How Solar Works
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Ready to go solar but don’t have the cash? We offer a wide range of financing options that enable you to spread the cost of your solar system over time and start saving money today. All of our loans are designed to keep things simple and make your new solar system fit both your energy needs and your finances.

Loan Benefits
  • Simple Interest, Unsecured Financing
  • Long Term— 5 To 20-Years
  • Low Rates—From 7.99% On 20-Year Loans (From 5.24% On 5-Year Loans)
  • No Balloon Payments
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty
  • No Annual Escalator
  • One-Time Principal Pay Down Within 18 Months
  • When It’s Paid Off, You Own It—And You Have Free Electricity For Life

Rebates and Incentives

As the market changes solar has become commercially available to the average consumer. Many incentives and rebates are being provided by the Federal Government, State Government, the Utility Companies, such as APS and SRP, as well as SunPower, and Mira Bella Solar!

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