Mirabella Solar
Connecting You To The Power Of The Sun

Mira Bella Builders, LLC Presents

Mira Bella Solar, was formed to service the needs of Arizona commercial and residential clients wishing to install Solar Powered PV Systems and Solar Powered Lighting Systems to supplement or replace their existing utility services to reduce their energy costs utilizing clean and renewable energy. Mira Bella Solar’s product offerings from the SunPower Residential Lease to Solar Powered LED lighting can allow our clients to substantially lower their utility costs by both reducing consumption and harvesting energy from the sun.

Mira Bella Solar is dedicated to giving the best customer service and support to our clients in their venture to create a cleaner environment. Let us help you reduce your energy costs in a way that helps our world.

Mira Bella Solar - A Name You Can Trust

A name you can trust
Adivision of Mira Bella Builders, LLC
Arizona Licensed General Contractor (B-1)
Commercial Electrical Contractor (K-11)
Contractor in Arizona since 2003
Launched Solar division in 2009
Currently installing over 1M Watts of solar PV systems
Engineering staff and solar expertise
Commercial and residential design and installation

Our Commitment To Our Customers

Our commitment to our customersAt Mira Bella Solar we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality, highest efficiency, PV Systems available in the industry today.

Instead of choosing a moderate quality and standard efficiency module to lower our price, Mira Bella Solar has chosen the high quality and high efficiency PV modules manufactured by SunPower. SunPower has the most experience, best technology, highest return on investment, and gives our customers peace of mind with their industry-leading 25 year power production warranty.

Not only does Mira Bella Solar provide the best solar modules but also the best solar inverters. We offer Enphase micro-inverters instead of the traditional single inverter system. With microinverters each module can produce individually from the entire system, which allows us to reduce the effects of shading, weather, and other factors to give the highest output for our customers systems. At Mira Bella Solar we know that the best PV systems must also incorporate the best design. Our design team is committed to designing a system that produces the highest efficiency and the best overall aesthetics to meet the individual needs of every customer. Mira Bella Solar also offers ancillary equipment for solar. We utilize axis-tracking equipment provided by companies such as Ray Tracker and Sedona Energy Labs. We also can provide you with multiple parking canopy solutions to fit any and all of our customers needs. At Mira Bella Solar we are committed to helping you save resources and in return help our world.